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A wedding that’s NOT a waste of money: Bring in the WWE ring announcer

Watch this video of WWE ring announcer Howard Finkel introducing a wedding party and a newly married couple. If you enjoy it, you’re a complete wrestling nerd. If not, you probably side with the poor bride who looked horrified.

Finkel is dynamite but the nerdiness goes over the top with the wrestling theme songs.

The couple coming out to Bret Hart’s song don sunglasses. The Asian couple gets “The Orient Express” song!!

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Las Vegas Locos in Peter King’s MMQB This Week

On this past Saturday in Omaha the Locos won the UFL Championship over the Florida Tuskers for the second year in a row.  Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column in his Achievement Section picked Special Teams player of the week as Alfred Malone and as Coach of the Week both Jim Fassel!  Read More HERE
After the game on Saturday, the charter flight back to Vegas did not leave until Sunday morning so we had a night still in Omaha, Mitch and I were at the bar (I know but it was happy hour) and Coach Fassel comes up and orders a drink, Mitch and I step in and buy him a drink.  We start talking about the game with him and his phone rings, he looks down and says “Sorry guys need to step away, Peter King is on the line”.  So what did Mitch and I do? We finished our drink and then in some bizarre scene from a movie TE Adam Bergen started handing out whole pies in the lobby, so we sat down and ate half of a free apple pie that Adam gave us.  Yes the bizarro world of Mitch and Dug!

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Best of DC and the Sunshine Man audio (11/23)

Steve wants Joe Paterno to leave, Cokin loves the old man:


Good read here by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook, who says Paterno runs Penn State.

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Maryland wins the national title!! Student flips his lid over field hockey win

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Matt Millen destroys Steve Young during MNF discussion

For some reason, this is being called an “awkward moment.”

Steve Young and Matt Millen debated the lockerroom drama in Minneapolis. It was great television.

Awkward? I pray for this to happen each and every hour of our DC and the Sunshine Man show. This is where sports television so often whiffs. Shows have tried to steal the basics of sports radio but they usually comes off as contrived.

Nice job by Millen!

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Better facial: ‘Vinsanity’ or Griffin?

Each night, Blake Griffin seems to add another highlight dunk to his resume.

What a dunk on the Knicks’ Timofey Mozgov! Looks like the Vince Carter jam on Freddie Weis.

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The Parker-Longoria saga in Saturday morning cartoon form

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Burger King employees fired over ‘[expletive] you’ on receipt

To the Burger King clerk who thought it would be funny to put an expletive on a receipt, you may want to think twice before you do that at your next fast food job. There are too many hypersenstive goofs to count who may go ballistic.

I’m not sure why this is on the local news or why the employees had to be fired, but congrats sir for wasting our time and costing some poor schlub his $11 an hour job.

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