Carlota checks out Lada Gaga

Lady Gaga: Not just for gay men anymore.
 So guess what I did on Friday night?? I went to the Lady Gaga show at the MGM Grand. Oh believe me, I didnt expect to last long.. I’m not a fan, I know a couple of tunes at best, but I thought I needed to check out the spectacle they call ‘Lady Gaga’. The ‘experience’ was all I was after. In fact, my friend and I even discussed lasting only a little while, then bailing so we could catch up with some friends later.
Entering the venue, and waiting for Ms. Gaga to get on stage was an experience in itself. Yes, of course, there were gay men everywhere.. but also tons of women with their boyfriends, lots of freakly looking chicks tattooed from eyeballs to toenails, Lady Gaga wannabes (remember the early Madonna days? Just like that), straight dudes looking to pick up some action because there were women everywhere, and one ‘Rock DJ’.
(Yes, these bitches are screaming like little girls–well thats because they are little girls. Even the guys acted like little girls. BTW, these are videos I found on youtube of other shows because Vegas isn’t available yet )
As soon as the lights dropped, all those people (including the Rock DJ) were completely enthralled, and sitting squarely in the palm of Lady Gagas hand. From the beginning video montage (see video above), thru the ‘vomit interlude’ (see video below), to the very last cords of ‘Bad Romance’. For 2 + hours, Lady Gaga sang, danced, played piano (shes a piano prodigy who went to Tisch School of Arts in NY–crazy talented), and had her fans who she lovingly calls her ‘Little Monsters’ under her spell. She was Judy Garland, Madonna, Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper, David Bowie, Freddie Mercury and Bono all wrapped into one freaky ass outfit.
Yes, that’s blue puke–yuck!!! Oh, but I dig this interlude!!

I can’t even tell you the setlist, because quite frankly, her music was the last thing I was paying attention to. It was all about her performance. Her theatrics. I dont even have pics becasue I honestly didn’t expect to like the show.. But, in all my years of going to shows (25+) I have never seen anyone do what she did, AND for that long. I have NEVER been that entertained. (I know, crazy.) She was connected to the audience the entire time. She’d sing, and then talk without missing a beat.. as if you were hanging out in her house having a drink and kicking back with her while she played the piano for you. . She spoke softly, and then screamed with a ferociousness women are usually afraid to show.. or just simply dont have the pipes to do so.

I get the impression that performing for her is like breathing. It just comes naturally. She can’t help herself.
And while Lady Gaga’s music isn’t classified as Rock n’ Roll, (even tho she comes form a Rock background–her first song was a tune called ‘Boys Boys Boys’-a mash up of the Crue’s ‘Girls Girls Girls’ and AC/DC’s ‘TNT’).. Lady Gaga IS Rock n’ Roll in ATTITUDE. Soo Rock n’ Roll, that this Rock DJ had to share with her Rock listeners. Shes an outcast, just like we are. So while her music may be considered Pop or Techno or Disco or whatever, Lady Gaga is ONE BAD ASS ROCKSTAR!
She’s coming back in March–my suggestion: Check this crazy bitch out! She is worth the price of admission –the admission that you have become a fan..