Super Bowl XLV interview: Suicidal Ray Lucas went to rehab today

Scary stuff here from former NFL players Ray Lucas and Randy Grimes. Both are addicted to pain killers. Neither could afford the necessary surgery to fix post-football injuries so doctors prescribed both whatever they needed to numb the pain. The problem? That stuff is incredibly addictive. The other problem, the veterans of the NFL have crap insurance through the NFLPA.

Lucas, a former Jet and Patriots, said he was up to 300 pills a month and using a morphine patch 24 hours. He also said he’s considered suicide and found that the help for that issue was lacking as well.

The former Rutgers star QB called himself a horrible husband and that he lost touch with his wife.

Both players predicted a lockout and say the 18-game season idea is completely ridiculous.

Lucas checked into rehab today.

This is a pretty common story. Jason Peter was profiled a few years back on HBO’s Real Sports. The former first round pick had his life crushed by an insane addiction to similar drugs.