Sunday Morning Jazz Show 8:00am to 10:00am

Every Sunday Morning from 8:00am to 10am, listen to the best jazz show on the air.

Ric Gould bio
Born in New Mexico and graduating high school living in Northglen, Colorado, Ric began his broadcast career in Alaska while in the U.S. Navy. Ric later created a jazz and blues radio show in New Mexico for KXYK Radio which quickly grew in popularity. He continued to build his extensive jazz library and programming skills, and became host of KXPT’s radio program, “Sunday Morning Jazz”. Ric has a background that extends to community theatre, movies and TV. For the 4th season Ric serves as cohost of jazz events and concerts at Lake Las Vegas, dubbed, “Jazz on the Lake”. His amazing photography of each event can be found on the website “Las Vegas at its”. Weekdays, Ric can be found working as Cold Drink Manager for the Dr. Pepper/Snapple Group in Las Vegas. Ric’s hobbies including self-programming the most unique jazz programs on the air and producing artist interviews for airplay. And of course, choreographing circus acts for his cat, Gooch.
Jackie Gould bio
Born in Idaho, Jackie met and married her soulmate Ric Gould while living in Farmington, New Mexico. A teacher of Communication, English and theatre, Jackie joined Ric’s Sunday morning jazz program on KWYK in New Mexico. After moving to Las Vegas in 1996, Jackie continued as a teacher for the CCSD, adding Speech and Broadcasting to her repertoire. She served as an award-winning coach for the State Bar of Nevada’s program Nevada H.S. Mock Trial. In 2000, Jackie joined her husband as cohost of KXPT’s radio program, “Sunday Morning Jazz”. For the 5th season Jackie serves as cohost of jazz events and concerts at Lake Las Vegas, dubbed, “Jazz on the Lake”. Jackie loves working as an event coordinator for community events and conducting radio interviews