Women’s No. 1 v. No. 2 ‘classic’ ends with two air balls and little athleticism

Sorry to beat the dead horse, but the notion that women’s hoops is somehow comparable to the men’s game is still laughable. Last night’s UConn-Baylor game is a prime example.

The Huskettes, sporting a 79-game win streak, narrowly avoided the upset with a 65-64 win.

Check out the video as the game ends on two airballs (1:32 mark). Off a timeout, UConn gets a crap shot that flies three feet over the basket. Are you angry because I called Baylor’s final second heave, an airball?

Look at the clock. Baylor grabs the rebound with 5.8 seconds left and the best shot it can get is a 33-footer? Not enough time, right? Wrong.

Tyus Edney had 4.8 seconds left and got off a 4-footer in the 1995 classic UCLA win over Missouri.

The fundamentals are not better. The game is not more entertaining. And you don’t have next.