Video: Herschel Walker whips some ass in MMA, then picks Steelers to win

Herschel Walker was awesome again last night in a mixed martial arts cage.

That’s right, the guy who won the Heisman Trophy back in 1982, decided to take up MMA at 47 years old. Now he’s 48 and showing his atheticism has no limits.

Walker won his second pro MMA fight in just 3:13. He beat the snot out of 40-year-old Scott Carson.

Check out the video, Herschel is a consummate pro saying he’s not worried about his next fight or calling someone out (1:01 mark). He just wants to back in the gym so he can improve on his skills and help the other fighters at the gym get ready for their upcoming fights.

At the end  (1:30 mark), Walker gives his Super Bowl XLV pick.