Super Bowl 45 war: Dallas-Ft. Worth fighting strip club presence at airport

Rick’s Cabaret in the Dallas-Forth Worth market expects to see a jump in revenue because of the Super Bowl. But it won’t be as high as owner Eric Langan had hoped for. If the N.Y. Jets and Chicago Bears were playing for the Lombardi trophy, Langan estimated the figure could have been as high as $2 million dollars.

Langan cited the sizes of the respective cities as the reason for the extra cash that would have been accrued.

The Dallas-Fort Worth airport is attempting to put the kibosh on the good times by filing a protest with the state liquor regulators. The airport’s board members have a problem with the strip club’s proximity to the airport.

The board also sent a letter to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission in an effort to limit the profitability of the strip club.

“I’m not real happy about our flights come in here and looking down on that kind of signage and that kind of operation,” said Mayor Moncrief.

The delay in receiving the liquor licence has actually benefitted Rick’s because of a loophole in the Texas law regulating strip clubs. Texas law states that any establishment that serves liquor can only have topless dancers, but if the establishment is alcohol free the dancers can go fully nude.

Rick’s Cabaret is cashing in on this loophole and heavily advertising that their dancers will be fully nude all the way up until the Super Bowl.

Rick’s Cabaret still has an outside shot at hitting their $2 million mark because they forgot to take one factor into account. Steve Cofield will be making the trip to Dallas next week.