Super Bowl 45: The Brett Keisel ‘beard’ t-shirt blows away Brian Wilson’s

Brian Wilson appears to be insane, but Brett Keisel just looks downright dangerous. That’s what going without a shave for months can do for you. It can also make you some money.

Wilson’s black beard and his awesome work in the MLB playoff helped him explode onto the national scene. Who knows if Keisel’s massive beard will do the same? He’s not waiting around. The Steelers defensive end is trying to cash in now with that t-shirt on his website –

We’re rooting for Keisel to sell some of those t’s. In the meantime, he needs probably needed to come with a few sacks and TD return in a Pittsburgh Super Bowl XLV win to reach the heights of Wilson. The insane Giants closer made an appearance on Lopez tonight. Who knew the beard had such versatility? Wilson also likes Thailand (1:55 mark).