Super Bowl 45 media day ‘excitement?’ Brett Keisel’s beard steals the show

The prickly media has hit the ground in Big D. Steve Politi, from the Newark Star-Ledger in New Jersey, already misses the loudmouth Jets. He’s grown tired of Brett Keisel’s mammoth facial fro’ and longs for the days of Bart Scott and Jumbo Jet.

Granted, it is a special beard — part Grizzly Adams, part ZZ Top. It has its own Twitter account and Facebook fan page. At one point, Keisel’s Wikipedia page actually had the line, “Keisel is the only NFL player to have sacked a quarterback using only his beard.”

I bet if Keisel dug around in it long enough, he could find half a sandwich left over from training camp. The beard is so fantastic it has its own beard.

“I think it is bar none the best beard in sports,” Keisel said. “I’m not trying to brag, that’s just my opinion.”

The beard, he admitted, will disappear soon after the game ends. But shave it? When the time arrives, Keisel is going to need to visit his local John Deere retailer for the proper equipment.

Still, beards don’t talk trash. Beards can’t guarantee a victory. Day 1 has come and gone without a single bold proclamation from the AFC representatives, not one single juicy quote.

Had the Jets been here, Bart Scott would have announced that he “CAN’T WAIT” until he was holding up the Lombardi Trophy. Antonio Cromartie would have called somebody on the Packers a “*@$% *@$%.” Rex Ryan would have made this personal against cheese.
At least the beard allowed Politi to fire off four or five good one-liners 🙂