Super Bowl 45 foot in the mouth: Who’ll say something dumb, then apologize?

Bill Burr is one of the best comedians out there right now and he’s also a huge sports fan.

Check out his take on media guys getting fired for saying something moronic (2:24 mark).
Super Bowl week is responsible for an overload of media coverage, which means a greater chance for somebody to screw up.
Here’s a list of five candidates who may be standing outside crying with an EMMY sticking out of their box:

1.  Peter King- Tweeting an unfortunate pun on Arian Foster’s name could just be the tip of the iceberg.

2.  Jim Mora Jr.- He appears to have a disdain for the media, which was evident in his interview with Doug Gottleib.

3.  Terry Bradshaw- His criticism of ben Roethlisberger could provide some awkward moments during the broadcast.

4.  Tucker Carlson- Stating that he wishes Michael Vick would have been executed demonstrates his ineptitude when talking sports.

5.  Bill O’Reilly- The contentious commentator will interview President Obama during the Super Bowl pregame show.

Here are some the best texts we got on the topic on ESPNRadio1100.