SB XLV party scene: Deion’s soiree! He raps, plus sit with him for $13,800!

“Y’all Musta Forgot” Deion Sander’s Rap Career.

Deion Sanders hosts his “Welcome to Dallas” party with special celebrity guests and friends at Dallas’ most desired venue – ZOUK.

It’s the perfect kick-off to Super Bowl weekend embodied with the hottest stars and celebrities. “Welcome to Dallas” figures to be the only party to start your weekend. And the price is a very affordable $50 – $13,800!! From

PRIMETIME’S “Welcome to Dallas Party” is Thursday, Feb. 3. It will feature Mr. Prime Time himself, former Dallas Cowboys superstar Deion Sanders and his invited celebrity friends. There are plenty of ticket options ranging from General Admission ($50) up to the Sanders VIP Table Package ($13,800), which puts you at the table next to “Neon Deion.” For further info on tickets visit here.

Alright, I get it!

Deion lives in a mansion with his wife, Pilar, in Prosper, Tx. “Primetime” wants to throw a big party but this time, DEION IS THE DJ! i.e. the musical entertainment!

So, not only can I rub elbows with celebrities, but Deion is providing us with his world-famous, hard driving def bass grooves.

The sad thing isn’t the overpriced ticket for admission, rather it’s the sad promotional display written by Deion’s PR machine to remind us all about Primetime’s creedence as a legimate music act, check out this weakass blurb on Primetime’s musical accomplishments:

One of the few professional athletes to make a bid for rap success, Deion Sanders recorded an album (Prime Time) and a pair of singles (“Must Be the Money” and “Prime Time Keeps on Tickin'”) in 1995 for Bust It Records.