Eat This PHO QUE HUONG by Carlota

If there are only 2 things we learned from The Vietnam War, I would say its these:
1) War sucks!
2) Vietnamese food Rocks!!!!!
(And its cheap too!)
My favorite landing spot for ‘Pho’ and other assorted Vietnamese treats is ‘Pho Que Huong’ located on the corner of Spring Mtn and Jones, next to the 168 market (killer produce btw) and where ‘The Boston’ used to be. A very unassuming little place, but a great find.. Where you may even be served by the owner!
I was just recently turned on to ‘Pho’, and boy am I grateful for that. ‘Pho Tai’, a rare beef noodle soup (don’t worry, the beef is so thin that the heat of the broth cooks it) full of rice noodles accompanied by a side plate of jalapenos, thai basil, and bean sprouts to add -muy bueno (I don’t know how to say ‘very good’ in Vietnamese). Then, the Deep Fried Eggroll (they give you lettuce with cucumber, carrots, mint and cilantro to wrap it in) rocks my world too. However, I am really here to tell you about the ‘Beef French Bread’. Wow. This sandwich kicks ass!!! A fresh out of the oven French bread roll, layered with thinly sliced, marinated and sautéed beef, then topped with cucumber, daikon, carrot, thai basil and mayo is absolute heaven… full of flavor and crunch like you’ve never experienced, you’ll be craving this days later- no joke.
Wait, there’s more..
Here’s the best part of Pho Que Huong:
The bill will also be a pleasant surprise, as a friend and I ordered the above totaled under the $20 min. debit card use requirement..!? If this happens to you, (and you don’t carry cash, like me) just order a #35 (thinly sliced, amazingly seasoned pork over rice noodles and salad) to go, or even the fried rice – you won’t be sorry!