Eat This Casa Don Juan by Carlota

So, let me start by saying that I am NOT Mexican. However, I am from Southern California, AKA, Little Mehh-hee-co. And what do I truly miss from home? Good Ol fashioned Mexican food.

Enter Casa Don Juan.

This little gem is located on Main street just south of Charleston (1204 S Main St). It’s all bright and sunny. Literally. The place is painted yellow inside with a bunch of pictures of some chick named Frida (look her up). The booths are big, and yes.. they have a fully stocked bar, meaning lots of tequila for Carlota!

But tequila isn’t what I’m here for, although I do partake cuz that’s the way it should be…Reposado on the rocks, squeeze of lime–Nectar of the gods!

Be assured, I sampled enough of the food at Casa Don Juan to tell you that this place rocks. First off, chips and salsa with bean dip, nothing too salty- que bueno.. And even though I loved the jalapeno cheese tamales and the chili relleno, I gotta tell you about my personal fave..

The chicken tacos!  Get em Ala Carte at $2.50 -all day baby. Light, fresh, non greasy shell packed full of tender, flavorful shredded chicken, cheese and lettuce.. Dare you to turn up the HEAT and get a side of the grilled jalapenos and slip one in your taco.  Killer!!

And the best part? I didn’t have to be wheeled out of there, nor did I feel like I got beat with a salt lick!

Newly discovered, I give this place 4 out of 5 “licks” :-)PPPP

Oh, and did I mention the tequila and how tasty it was????

I saved you a shot. Maybe.