Eat This Samosa Factory by Carlota

I love Indian Food.  I’m not talking about “hunt-down-the-buffalo-in-the-appalachian mountains on a horse-Indian food”. I’m talking about authentic “Slumdog Millionaire” Indian food. (without that crazy dancing at the end…)

Unfortunately, Vegas has had very few choices for Indian food. Especially at reasonable prices.. Lucky for me, over the past few years, restaurants serving that curry-tandoori goodness have popped  up all over the valley.

My favorite: “Samosa Factory“.  Why, you ask?  Check this out – Made to order Indian cuisine, with fresh ingredients and meticulous owner involved preparation.. that’s hard to find in any eatery!

Samosa Factory hides itself in a strip mall on Sahara (4604 W Sahara ), the location quite unassuming. You would never know this gem was sitting right next to good ol’ PT’s Pub.. Ohh, but Im here to tell you it is!!

Since mama likes it spicy, I always get the ‘Chicken Vindaloo’. Now you dont have to get it as hot as I dig it, but if you can handle the heat, order the Vindaloo ‘with a kick’ (HOT, that is..there’s different levels of spicy). Sooo yummy, tender chicken breast strips and potatoes in a zesty sauce served over a bed of sweet rice… My mouth is already watering.  Next is ‘Tandoori Chicken’, a staple in Indian food joints, and Samosa Factory rocks the dish like no other!  Hint:  If you dont know what to order because you’re a virgin to Indian food, check out the Masala fries. (An American dish with a super tasty twist)  All these orders are plenty to share too.. so call me when you’re headed there!!

Last, but not least by any means.. I will emplore you to check out the dish the restaurant named itself after –The ‘Samosa’. There are a variety of them, chicken, beef, vegetable and lamb. Then there’s the ‘Vegetable Samosa Chaat’…This is the Samosa on steroids!!!  Its loaded with vegetables, cilantro chutney, tamarind chutney and topped with yogurt. Not only is it a flavor vacation, an orgy of epic proportions in your mouth, but its the best bang for your buck.. $6.50. Feeds two. Nuff said!

Aaand of course my favorite part of Samosa Factory? Rick the owner. He’s cute, super nice, and DADDY can cook!!! I may have to ask him to marry me 😉