Is the NBA In Trouble?

Okay, it’s just a small sample, but rolled into Dallas and thought I would check out the Dallas Mavericks vs. Washington Wizards on Monday Night.

I got one block from the arena and the usual ticket guys were out. I asked for two tix mfrom a scalper, he said “how much you looking to spend?”

I said, “30 bucks” and he preceded to hand me a Platinum Level Row A ticket with a face value of $95. I bought it and walked to the venue thinking it was surely a fake.

It wasn’t a fake! For $30 bucks I was on the Platinum level and got to watch Dirk Nowitzke and Jason Kidd match up against John Wall (Mavs won).

FYI. if you’re ever in Dallas, I say go to a Mavs game. They did the best job I have seen on the videos and cheerleading things they did at half time.

Very nice arena!