EAT THIS IN N OUT Burger by Carlota

Since July is the month of America’s Birthday, I thought I’d go All-American this edition of Eat This and find a killer cheeseburger. Not just any cheeseburger, but an IN-N-OUT cheeseburger. Now, I know, we all know how great these burgers are, so what could I possibly turn you on to??? The secret menu? Nope. How about the SUPER secret menu???
Sure, you may know about Animal style, 3×3’s, 4×4’s (or the 100×100 actually done here in Vegas-Google it!), Protein style,the Grilled cheese, and the Animal style fries..but do you know about ‘The Double-Double TripleXXX with chopped chilis on dark toast’, ‘Light fries’ and a ‘Neapolitan shake’??? EXACTLYYY! Yum!!
So the obvious is the Double-Double, but the Triple XXX adds extra everything to the burger. lettuce, tomatoes, sauce (and onions if you don’t want your breath to be make-out worthy), on an extra-toasted bun.  Chopped chilis adds the fire that this mama LOVES! -BONUS- And the Neapolitan shake puts out the fire and really does bring all the boys to the yard!!!  As for the  ‘Light’ (or ‘Well Done’) fries… just to be different.  You know me, rebel.
This stuff is so top secret, the chick at the counter looked at me like I was tryin to rent Porn.. and while you may be able to find all these secrets on the good ‘ol WWW.. you won’t ever see the chopped chilis listed.  I’m the heat seeking Puerto Riqueno, though – that’s how I know they even have peppers you can ask for when you pick up your tray!
Happy Birthday USA, land of the free and gluttonous… Viva America!!

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